Sunday, August 24, 2014

The Great College T-Shirt Project Day 24

The Great College T-Shirt Project continues and the college gear is really rolling in. There are just too many shirts and things coming in to continue posting pictures of every single item but I’ll keep putting up a picture here and there. So here’s what came in over the last few days:

More shirts from day 18On Day 18 Weber State in Utah sent a t-shirt and an assortment of pens and mechanical pencils. These came in a large mailing tube, which was pretty cool. I thought it was going to be a poster or something rolled up in there. Dickinson State in North Dakota also sent a really nice looking t-shirt. Ashland University in Ohio sent a nice t-shirt, also in a tube. It was a day for mailing tubes apparently. The University of Findlay in Ohio sent a t-shirt and the University of Rio Grande in Ohio sent a shirt, a pen, and a pad of paper with the school logo on it.

Day 20 was relatively quiet, I received one package from Sitting Bull College in North Dakota. In it was a t-shirt and a really neat keychain. There were also a few pages of printouts detailing the history of Sitting Bull and Sitting Bull College. Interesting stuff.

T-shirts from day 22On Day 22 I got a pennant, sticker and pen from Marshall University in West Virginia and a pen from Cleveland State in Ohio. I also received a nice pennant from the University of Maryland, something that really pleased Joni. I also received t-shirts from Utah State, Regent University in Virginia, and Augustana College in South Dakota.

Shirts from day 23And then yesterday, Day 23, the mailman came to the door with about 15 large envelopes and 11 of them had t-shirts in them. There were shirts from The University of Akron in Ohio, Lynchburg College in Virginia, The University of Wisconsin’s Whitewater campus, Western Kentucky University, William Peace University in North Carolina, and Milligan College in Tennessee. There was also a package from The University of Wisconsin’s Superior campus, which contained a shirt and a pencil. And finally Tennessee Tech sent a shirt, a lanyard, a sticker, and a bracelet.

The tally so far is 920 emails sent and a total of 28 t-shirts received.

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  1. I'd really like to see the Ohio State tee. You know, the school with Zippy the mascot?