Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Special Edition - Memories

Hi there! Wow, you picked a great time to visit Drums In The Deep! I've been harassing Joni for a couple of weeks now to write a poem for me, and she finally gave in. And so, without further ado, I am very pleased to present the following:

By Joni Zipp

Running down memory lane
melting faces seen through the rain.
A few are older, a bit are new
some left footprints you never knew.

Something happens way back when
you drape the door; don’t look again.
Shadowed elements of a crimson past
pain resurfaces the memories cast.

The future changes in a quiet wave,
all you left and all you gave.
Drizzled behind is all the distress,
today’s the day you kiss happiness.

Clothed in towering stained glass windows
inside the secret of all that sin knows.
Repent as grace showers the soul,
Memories of past are now made whole.

Beautiful! Joni Publishes a new, original poem every Sunday over on her own blog, One Voice - Write Right. She also has lots of helpful tips for all you budding writers out there so be sure to check it out.

Thanks Joni!

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  1. Awww Thanks honey! I'd give you a poem a week too but then that would be too much like mine and we are sooooooo different! *wink*
    Any questions on the meaning or can everyone figure it out on their own? Just ask! :-)