Thursday, March 25, 2010

Journal - BCBS Blues, NCAA Pinks


On Monday I got a letter from BCBS saying that they have denied my application for insurance. Last week, they had asked for records from Doctor Hargrave. We mailed a copy of that request to her office in Dallas on Friday the 19th. The denial letter I got on Monday was dated the 19th. They asked for the records but didn’t wait to get them. They didn’t even mention the records, they said I was denied because of my pre-existing conditions which they have known about all along. Is it a coincidence that their denial letter was dated just two days before Barrack Obama signed the new health bill? No, I don’t believe in coincidences, as I have mentioned before. I don't really think there is anything in the new health bill that would have a direct effect on my case, but BCBS wasn’t taking any chances I suppose. Well, I kept saying that I wished they would make a decision, one way or the other and I got my wish. What's next? I have no idea. More waiting. I'll just have to wait and see where God leads me next.

That was the bad news. Now for the good news! Nebraska won their second round game against UCLA on Tuesday night! It was a pretty exciting game too. Well, the first half was, anyway.

UCLA struck like lightning in the opening minutes of the game and took a 13 to 4 lead very quickly. The Lady Huskers battled back, though, and tied it up at 15 before going on to take a ten point lead. The first half ended with a five point lead for Nebraska. UCLA came out fighting again in the second half and came to within one point, but it was all Nebraska after that. UCLA never gave up, they kept scoring points, but Nebraska was just too much for them. The final score was 82 to 70 or something like that.. Nebraska was hitting the three pointers again. They struggled with that in the first half, but started hitting them almost at will in the second. And not just one or two players, either, I think seven or eight different players hit three point shots.

With this win, Nebraska advances to the sweet sixteen, which is just a fancy way of saying there are only sixteen teams left playing for the national championship. Those sixteen teams come together in Kansas City this weekend. Nebraska is supposed to play Sunday night against Kentucky, but no time was set yet. This marks the first time a Nebraska basketball team, men’s or women’s, has made it to the sweet sixteen. Pretty amazing. Wouldn’t it be great if they won the national championship? Even if they don’t, I hope they can keep having this kind of success for many years to come. What a boon to the University and to Nebraska sports. Seeing any Husker team do that well really leaves me feeling in the pink. Wasn’t that a clever tie-in to my title?

For those of you who don’t live around here, my hometown of Gibbon, which I live very close to now, built a new school and began using it this year. Gibbon is a small town so they only need one school for all grades. The old school, where my siblings and I attended, and also where my parents and their siblings attended, and where my sister's kids have attended, has been standing vacant this year. I know they really neded a new building, but it’s sad to think of the old school just sitting there empty.

Now it sounds like someone may be interested in doing something with it, though. There is an email going around to everyone in Gibbon and the neighboring towns with a link to an online survey. The survey asks several questions about what kinds of activities or services the people around here might be interested in. Maybe they are thinking of using the old school for a community center or something like that. That would be awesome if they can pull it off, although it honestly doesn’t seem like there are enough people around here to support something like that. I sure wish them lots of luck in their venture though!

Hebrews 12:1 Therefore, since we are surrounded by such a great cloud of witnesses, let us throw off everything that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles, and let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us.

2 Timothy 4:7 I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith.


  1. Ya find out the darndest things on this blog.

    The BCBS letter arrived on the day that Obama signed the bill. I thought that was so strange, and the letter said to call about a different program and when I researched THAT one, even if you are eligible, you couldn't use it for six months with a 'pre-existing' condition.By November, you'll be eligible for Medicare, but in the signing of that bill, there will be a Medicare overhaul. Will you be once again caught in the middle of the red tape?

    It's really interesting to see our beautiful Government at work. Really.

    YAY Nebraska!(that was for the Huskers win)
    Do tell my blondness about The Pink ? ? ?

    And the Gibbon School? They'll find something to do with the building that is helpful, since 1700 people more than likely don't want to see it torn down. Small town but big voices.

    Interesting stuff. Wish my blog was as informative. :)

    I'm just rolling along in the hands of God.

  2. We'll have to see if Uconn stays in. They haven't lost in like 3 years or something crazy like that. Wouldn't it be great if Nebraska broke their winning streak?

    I'm sorry about BCBS. Haha, the last two letters in their acronym are BS. Love it. I'm scared about Medicare. I'll be eligible in September and it'll take a hundred dollars out of my social security. Ugh.

  3. Gosh Ro, don't tell me that with Medicare they take MORE money out? Not ugh...AAA!!!!!!

    Yeah, BCBS is a lot of BS! Can't say that one enough. haha

    Good thing my post today was full of humor, I need something to make me laugh. :)

  4. That's what I've been told. That when Medicare comes out, it's like a hundred a month. This came from other blind people getting social security. I don't know how we can verify it, but I'd sure like to know if I should expect that. Maybe I'll get brave and try calling Social Security, but I hate calling there...

  5. lol, silicon sally? lol

    I'll dig too and let you know what I come up with. :)

  6. Haha I learned something new about my screen reader! Where Joni put AAA, it actually said "triple A."

  7. Hahaha mine too! I didn't know she wrote three letter A's. Just thought she wrote tripple A hahahah!

  8. hahaha maybe I should have wrote ahh..ahh...ahh???
    Come on screen readers. tell me how the heck to SCREAM!!!!

  9. Try something like this:
    EEEEAAAAYYYYYY! Or how about:



    oh wait...

    oooouuu! :P



    aye aye

  11. I dunno, that sounds like it could be happy too. My favorite is aaaaaaaargh grrrrrr aaaaaaaaaaaah