Monday, February 8, 2010

Dream Diary - Brett Favre

Well, that was a disappointing superbowl, I really wanted the Colts to win. I can be happy for the Saints, though. I don’t think they’ve ever won a superbowl before and they’ve had a good team for three or four years now so they earned it. During the game, they said the superbowl will be in Dallas next year. It kind of makes me wish I was still there, not that I would have gone to the game, but it would be neat to be so close to one.

When I was talking about the superbowl yesterday, I mentioned Brett Favre. That reminded me that I’ve had a couple of dreams lately that he was in. One was just two or three nights ago. In that dream, I was in high school again, and it seems like I was having some trouble with a bully or something like that. I was in what I believe was the school library, talking about my situation with three quote tough guys unquote. They were giving me some advice on how to handle the bully, but I was disappointed because I wanted them to handle him for me. The three tough guys were Brett Favre, another football player that I don’t remember, and Lance Bailey. Lance really did go to my school, he was two years older than me and his family lived right across the road from me when we were kids. That’s all I remember from that dream.

The other dream occurred some time ago. In that one, Brett Favre was a good friend of mine. We were in a football stadium. There was going to be a football game, but the stadium was still mostly empty, just a few people moving about here and there. Brett was showing me around the field. After a bit, he said he had to go get ready for the game, so he left me on the sideline and trotted off to the locker room. That was a pretty awesome dream as I recall.

Dreams are such funny things. Sometimes it seems like they really do hold important clues for us, and sometimes it seems they are just random bits of nonsense. I have a theory about dreams and deja vu, maybe I’ll share it with you sometime.

Deuteronomy 29:29 The secret things belong unto the LORD our God: but those things which are revealed belong unto us and to our children for ever, that we may do all the words of this law.

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  1. Just think, had Favre made it to the superbowl, we'd be having a whole different discussion. Like the Colts winning! LOL

    Nope, Favre and Manning made MAJOR mistakes and cost the teams their prospective games!

    I dream about Favre too. No not like that! :P I always dream he is like my best friend/brother type guy. *snap*

    Can't wait to hear/read the theory about the deja vu!