Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Pumpkin Chronicles Day 10

The East Pumpkin PatchSo here we are at day 10! The little pumpkin seedlings that I’ve moved away from the main cluster are doing reasonably well so today I decided to get the last of them moved and spread out. I did a little reading up on growing pumpkins this morning and hadn’t realized just how much space these things need. They need an awful lot and our garden is only so big. So today I dug up a new plot and dedicated it solely to pumpkins. This is on the east side of our house, across the driveway in the area where we park the truck. You can see Joni’s country fence at the top of the pic. I raked up the leaves and trash, turned the soil with a shovel, and planted pumpkins seedlings in eight different spots. For good measure I threw in a few sunflowers here and there around the edges. I think this will be a good spot because it gets full sun all morning and afternoon. From what I read, pumpkins like lots of sun, at least 6 full hours a day.

So we now have two pumpkin patches, Pumpkin Patch Central, and Pumpkin Patch East. Altogether there are more than 20 little seedlings growing so surely some of them will survive to maturity. Also, these pumpkins came straight from God as we did not plant them ourselves so I’m thinking that will work in their favor. I hope I didn’t jinx it by moving them around. So far, growing pumpkins is exciting!

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  1. Hate to see ya when the peppers and tomatoes, cucumbers and watermelons come visiting!
    Charlie Brown can have whole new show!

    The Great Garden! :)It's more exciting having someone to share the load! ILU!