Tuesday, August 12, 2014

The Great College T-Shirt Project Day 12

Well, here it is Day 12 of the Great College T-Shirt Project and the oversized envelopes continue to arrive in the mail.

College gear from day 12Yesterday I received envelopes from five different schools. The University of Alaska – Fairbanks sent a lot of literature about their fine school. Westminster College of Salt Lake City, Utah sent two pennants, a pen, and a car window sticker. Cayuga Community College of Auburn, New York sent a pen, a hook thing, and a sticker with the school logo. The College of Environmental Science and Forestry in Syracuse, New York sent a t-shirt and a pen. A very huge shirt, I’ll probably give that one to Joni to wear as a nightgown. And the University of Maine – Augusta sent a very nice looking dark blue t-shirt with the school logo. Pens seem to be a very popular item. I should have anticipated that since they’re cheap and easy to mail. I don’t mind though because I like to have lots of different pens and it’s something you can always use. I think I’ve gotten about 9 pens so far but it’s hard to tell because they keep disappearing.

Snow College t-shirtAnd today I received one more. This shirt and lanyard are from Snow College in Ephraim, Utah. If that town sounds familiar you may be remembering it from the Old Testament of the Bible, where it is mentioned quite a few times.

So far the project is going pretty well, maybe even a little better than I expected. I’ve sent 460 emails and have another 491 on my list.

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  1. Pens missing? Why whateva are you referring to, sir?