Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Pumpkin Chronicles Day 18

Pumpkin Patch Central Day 18So here we are at Day 18 and, as you can see, the pumpkins are growing like weeds! This is Pumpkin Patch Central, in the garden on the south side of the house. I have four rows of pumpkins planted and all seem to be doing well, with the possible exception of the last row at the far right of the picture. Those were the most recent and they haven’t quite decided if they’re going to live or not. I have them planted way too close together but we’re bound to get something out of all these!

Pumpkin Patch East Day 18And here’s Pumpkin Patch East. These guys are doing pretty well too it looks like. The soil here turned out to be very gravelly. I didn’t notice before, but with the daily watering the dirt is washing off the top and I can see a lot of gravel now. I don’t know if that will present any special challenges in the growing of the pumpkins, but so far they’re coming along well. No signs of any vines yet but I’m keeping my eye out. From what I read, they typically put out two main vines, usually growing in opposite directions. From the main vines, smaller ones can shoot off and may need to be pruned. But so far, there’s not much to do but keep them watered.

1 comment:

  1. Pumpkin Central! That's funny.
    I like the way you give a little bit of you in all the watering, as I give a lot of me in all the mowing!
    Rain would be nice, a blessing even, but it looks to be a dry week coming up, so stay at it! :)

    Love, Your littlest Pumpkin! :D