Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Garage Sale Finds

Monster Truck WagonHere’s the monster truck wagon that my sister picked up at a garage sale. I told you this thing was awesome! We have a lot of trees around and a lot of wind so there are always lots of branches to be picked up and this wagon is perfect for the job. It has a nice little hitch that could be hooked up to a riding mower if we had one, but I just pull it around myself. Also, all four sides can be let down to make something like a flatbed.

Old Rusty WheelbarrowAnd here’s the wheelbarrow, also picked up by my sister. I love this old thing much more than I would have liked a brand new one. The wooden handles are kind of weather-beaten and one of them already cracked so I have to be careful not to put too much weight in it. I’m thinking it wouldn’t be too hard to replace those. I use this a lot for picking up the piles of dirt our friendly little voles are always leaving for us. I’ve been carting the dirt over to the south side of our garden shed where the rain leaks in and piling it along the foundation.

Patio Table and ChairsHere’s the patio table and chairs Joni and I found. And we got this for $12, can you believe it? We had a little set out here on the side of the house but the table was smaller and there was only one chair left and it had no umbrella. We love our new one!

Decorative wooden fenceAnd here’s Joni’s little garden fence, another garage sale find. She loves junk, um I mean things like this. :) It actually did fit nicely right here in our little flower bed by the back steps. A little nicer than just an ugly concrete backdrop.

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  1. JUNK? JUUUUNK??? Look how nice that lil piece of junk looks in the garden!
    Junk... hmpph! :P

    I love all the junk you have too, honey! lol