Thursday, February 21, 2013

Island Earth Audio - The Logo

Today I found myself with a little extra time on my hands due to the blizzard that’s going on right now. I was supposed to work from 10am to 3pm today but ended up leaving work at noon. Walmart was pretty slow because of the snow and there just wasn’t anything to do. So I decided to set to work on my logo for Island Earth Audio.

Clipart of a palm treeClipart of the planet earthClipart of a microphoneWhen I first decided to give this a try more than a year ago, I kind of had a picture in my head of what I wanted the logo to look like and I had gone to the internet to find some clipart images to work from. These are the three images I decided to start with. With the basic elements on hand I set to work.

What I was going for were the basic letters I, E, and A. The palm tree worked pretty well as a letter “I” and didn’t need any work. This would represent the Island. For the Earth, I took the planet earth clipart image and basically just cut some shapes out of it to make it look like a letter “E”. I used a program that I’ve had for many years called Corell Photo Paint. I don’t have much experience with this type of thing so I just started playing around with it. After a little while I started getting the hang of it and was reasonably satisfied with the result. For my letter “A” I had decided to use a clipart image of the microphone sitting on top of an actual letter “A” so that the “A” kind of looked like a stand for the microphone. That was simple enough, I just typed a letter “A” and put the microphone image on top of it. After completing the three elements of my logo, I simply put them together into one image and it came out like this:

Completed Island Earth Audio logo

The finished product looks quite a bit like the original image I had in my head so I was pleased with that. It took me about an hour to put the whole thing together. A perfect snowy day project!

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