Friday, December 31, 2010

Journal - New Audiobooks

Wednesday turned out to be a pretty great day! I got two new audiobooks in the mail from Susan so I can review them for SF Site. Then just a few minutes after Adam brought in the mail, the UPS truck drove up and delivered five audiobooks from Blackstone Audio. Yes, they finally came! Last time Blackstone sent me some books, UPS lost them, so I was pretty happy to get these. The shipment included three books from my favorite science fiction author, Ben Bova. Can’t wait to dig into those.
Well, on top of all that excitement, I finally got a nibble from another publisher. I’ve continued sending out requests to various publishers, trying to get them to send me books to review, and my third request to Simon & Schuster Audio finally got a response. They haven’t promised me anything yet, but the person who responded, who is only filling in as it turns out, said she would check into it and see what they could do. That would be awesome if I can get books from them, but hey, I was pretty happy just getting a response.
Now, that’s all pretty exciting, but I’m still facing a little bit of a dilemma. Not so much a dilemma I guess, but just something I’ve been thinking about. I keep wondering if this is really how God wants me spending a majority of my time. On the one hand, I worry that maybe all this is taking my attention away from Him. On the other hand, some really neat things have been happening in that area, and I sort of think they wouldn’t be happening if God was against it. Maybe this is the beginning of something big that God has planned for me. That would be cool. Well, I’ll keep praying about it, and see where God leads me.

Happy New Year!

Psalms 30:5 For his anger is but for a moment, and his favor is for a lifetime.

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  1. Steven wrote:I keep wondering if this is really how God wants me spending a majority of my time.

    As long as you ask God, before each review, each reading, each post, if this is what HE wants, or if it meets HIS approval. That's all that matters is that you keep HIM, in your heart and soul as you move forward.

    It's when you steer away from Him and start thinking of yourself, becoming selfish with your thoughts and ideas, where it becomes a dilemma.

    I'm pretty proud (happy) with where you're going. Don't forget to take me along for the ride. :) Love you honey.