Thursday, January 12, 2012

Journal - Eye Checkup

Today I had my regular checkup with Dr. Feilmeier at the Kearney Eye Institute. My eye has been looking and feeling fine so I wasn’t expecting much to happen today and that’s exactly how it went.

We arrived at the Institute a few minutes before 11am, which was the time of my appointment and didn’t have to wait very long. The doctor’s assistant took us back and asked the usual questions and checked my vision. On the pinhole test I got part of the 20/40 line, my best yet.

Then another assistant took us into the exam room and check my pressure, which was normal. After perhaps a 15 minute wait, the doctor came in. As expected, he only spent about a minute looking at my eye through the microscope and declared everything to be fine. He said I could reduce my eye drops to 3 a day (I’ve been doing 4) and said I didn’t have to come back for two months.

So everything is still progressing nicely and the doctor is obviously pleased with how things are going since he doesn’t want to see me again until March.

1 comment:

  1. And the woman who loves you, stood shaking his hand like a giddy schoolgirl thanking him over and over. lol

    Things are progressing nicely as we knew they would because God's hands are upon this entire situation!!!
    What a miraculous healer we have in the Lord we serve!! AMEN!!!

    I love you honey! :)