Monday, August 27, 2012

Pumpkin Chronicles (and more!) Day 127

Day 127 Small PumpkinsWell our friend from church reminded me yesterday that I haven’t updated my Pumpkin Chronicles for a while. This friend shall remain nameless, but her initials are Miss Carol! Actually she was right, this update is long overdue so here it is.

Up until recently the pumpkins have been very few and very small. This picture shows the only three good pumpkins we have managed to produce so far and as you can see they are very small. Still, they make nice decoration for our flowerbed on the back side of our house, the side that faces the road.

Day 127 Big PumpkinBut wait a minute, look at this! This is by far the largest pumpkin we have so far. I put my hand in the pic to show how large the pumpkin is but it still doesn’t really do it justice. This pumpkin is about the size of a bowling ball or volleyball now. I’m not sure if it’s still growing or not, it is showing some signs of ripening. In addition to this one, we have at least five more pumpkins growing that we know of. Apparently pumpkins do not like very hot weather. During July when our temps were at or near 100 degrees almost every day the pumpkins were, as I said, very few and very small. In August our weather has been much cooler and now we have more pumpkins growing and they’re getting bigger. Honestly, I’m learning more about pumpkins this year than I ever wanted to know. J

Day 127 WatermelonHey, this isn’t a pumpkin! We planted some watermelons in the garden up by the house, just to the east of the pumpkins and this is what we’ve got so far. This one doesn’t seem to be growing much anymore so I’m thinking it’s almost time to pick it and eat it. Unfortunately, this is about all we have to show so far. There is one other watermelon that might be edible but that’s it. At one time we counted 9 or 10 little watermelons starting out, but they all shriveled up and died when they were only pickle sized. That’s disappointing but if we get to eat this one then it will have been worth it.

Day 127 TomatoesAnd finally, the tomatoes! The largest of these tomatoes are about golf-ball size now and will probably be ready to pick before long. These are plum tomatoes that I planted from the seeds of a tomato we bought at Walmart and I really didn’t expect them to do anything, but boy was I wrong. In all there are about 10 nice looking tomatoes on what is actually two separate plants growing side by side. I should have taken a pic of the whole plant because they are about 5 feet tall. In addition to the 10 or so tomatoes growing right now, there are several clusters of flowers getting ready to blossom into new tomatoes. I can’t wait to try some of these!


  1. You gave gardening new meaning this year. Have loved sharing this journey of fruit and flowers with you!
    *Happy Gardener*

  2. Miss Carol seems to have made a publishing error, in that while writing in response to this delicious looking picture, my remarks were published under your driving test journal. Hmmmm. I think your garden is a success and the little pumpkins will look great on the steps of your back porch after being carved. Enjoy a pumpkin pie also. And that lucsious looking watermelon. My mouth waters just looking at it. Enjoy, and hopefully, the second one will grow up also.

    You both "did good".

  3. Hey SC, good to see you are still around...I'm "marky d" from the husker boards years ago. Hope all is well with you.

  4. Sorry marky d I think you have the wrong SC.