Thursday, September 20, 2012

Pumpkin Chronicles (and more!) Day 151

Pumpkin Day 151 Front StepsWell here we are on Day 151 of our Pumpkin Chronicles. Throughout much of July and August I was a little disappointed that the pumpkin patches weren’t producing more pumpkins and also at the small size of the pumpkins. In September, however, we’ve had much better luck. I guess pumpkins truly are cool weather plants. Here’s a picture of our front steps with all of the pumpkins we’ve produced so far, minus two or three that rotted already. The small ones came out in August, and the larger ones came out more recently after the weather cooled down dramatically.

Pumpkin Day 151 Biggest PumpkinAnd the two patches are still producing! We have three or four pumpkins coming along nicely in Pumpkin Patch Central, and two more in Pumpkin Patch East including this big guy! This pumpkin is already larger than anything that’s grown so far and it’s still nice and green, which tells me it’s not done yet. I can’t wait to see how big this one gets!

Pumpkin Day 151 Ripe watermelonAnd yes, I finally picked that lone watermelon. We actually grew two watermelons this year; a bit disappointing since we had about ten little ones starting out at one time. I don’t know how to tell when they are ripe so I was reluctant to pick them, fearing that they wouldn’t be done yet. I finally picked the smaller of the two a couple of weeks ago, and as I feared it was not ripe yet. So I let this one go a bit longer but finally got impatient and brought it in yesterday. As you can see, it’s beautiful and ripe! It’s also very juicy and delicious! This is pretty good sized and will probably be more than we can eat, but I wish there had been more so we could have shared with our friends and neighbors.

We also picked a couple of tomatoes off the vine a couple of days ago and are waiting for them to finish ripening. The tomatoes really surprised me since I never really expected them to grow at all. I probably already mentioned that I took the seeds from a Roma or Plum tomato that we got at Walmart and planted them in the garden. Two nice plants came up right beside one another and started producing tomatoes. These were the first ones we picked but there are probably a dozen more still on the vine. I hope they taste as good as they look!

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  1. It's about time you gave an update. I was beginning to think you forgot your fans of the Pumpkin Patch Chronicles.

    It has been a blessed, well producing garden this year, in my eyes!

    Bring on Autumn!