Friday, September 21, 2012


Two deer in the yard Last evening, Thursday, at about 7:30, we had some visitors! Joni looked out the living room window and saw a deer sniffing around our trash incinerator, which is just to the east of our house. Then she exclaimed that there were two deer! I grabbed the camera and very gently opened the front door and started snapping some photos. That’s our trash incinerator at the far right of this pic.

Deer by the truckThe two deer split up and took a good long time to explore the area between our house and our neighbor’s. Here is what we figure to be the “mama” deer inspecting my truck. The “baby” deer by this time was exploring the area around our garden shed. Later in the evening we were talking to our neighbor and she said that she has seen what sounded like this same pair of deer wandering around the place on several different occasions.

Deer in the pumpkinsAfter checking out my truck, Mama took a good close look at Pumpkin Patch East. I’m not sure if she nibbled on anything out there or was just sniffing around. I wouldn’t have minded if she took a few bites. The experience was worth it. When we first moved in here three and a half years ago, the place had been quiet and empty for a while so there was a lot of wildlife: deer, foxes, wild turkeys, and rabbits. Since the houses have now been occupied for a while and the ranch has been in operation again, all the wildlife has moved on and doesn’t come around much anymore.

Deer eating a treeHere’s Mama again, who has now made her way over to our neighbor’s shed. She stopped here for a few minutes to nibble at the little tree growing there. The pics are a little blurry because I was zooming in as far as my digital camera would allow. It’s hard to get a clear shot without using a tripod because while zooming you have to hold the camera very still. I didn’t want to bother with the tripod because I had a pretty good seat on the front steps and didn’t want to alarm the deer.

We watched the two deer wander around the yard for about half an hour I think, before they finally made their way to the wooded area just north of us. It made for kind of an exciting evening!


  1. What an exciting moment. Maybe they'll come back seeking peanut butter? lol

    Beautiful creatures! Blurry pics or not!

  2. How sweet it is! I loved the commentary and pictures on the deer visit and pictured in my mind the beautiful pumpkins as jack-o-lanterns, maybe a pie or two. Watermelon is my favorite fruit and this one is a beauty. Umm, can imagine the juicy slices. When to pick them? When softly knocking on them with your knuckles, they sound hollow. A major cheerleader.