Monday, March 18, 2013

Island Earth Audio - The Studio

studio – empty spaceSo I got to work on my “studio.” I put studio in quotes because what I have in my basement is about as close to a studio as a Schwinn is to a Harley-Davidson. Anyway this is the empty spot in one of the downstairs rooms that Joni and Adam cleared out for me. I should have taken a pic before they worked down there so you could how much stuff they had to clear away. Good job guys!

studio – desk and chairAnd here is the desk and chair I’ll be using. That little desk has been in the family for a long time. Mom had it in her basement and she was nice enough to let me use it. It was made from an old console television, isn’t that cool? Nothing fancy, but it will suit my purposes perfectly: it’s just the right size. Oh, and the chair is from Grandma Howard’s dining set. We’ve had Grandma’s dining table in the basement for a couple of years now and got the chairs from Uncle Butch last year. They actually match pretty well don’t they? That long white thing sitting on the desk is a light that I still need to attach to the wall above the desk.

studio – microphone clipThis is just a small clip suspended from a hank of clotheline rope. My plan is to hang the microphone from this and sit in front of it. I’m not sure how well that will work but it’s the best I’ve come up with so far. After I actually give this a try I may be able to come up with something better but we’ll see.

studio – suspended quiltThis is the surrounding wall to my studio. Isn’t it pretty? This is a quilt that Mom made many many years ago and kept me warm at night when I was just a lad. I’m hoping that the quilt will dampen some of the echo and background noises while I’m recording. It doesn’t quite go all the way to the floor, there’s about a 12 inch gap, but it should help.

studio – quilt hookThe quilt is suspended from these hooks. I screwed some plain old hooks into the ceiling and then hung those little clamp things from them. The clamp things are what you might use to wear a name badge or ID tag on your shirt if you work in a place that uses them. We use them at Walmart. The clamp parts hangs onto the quilt nice and tight so it won’t fall, but it also won’t damage the quilt, an important consideration.

studio - insideAnd here’s a not-so-good view of the inside of the studio. It looks small, yes, but that’s to my advantage since big open areas are kind of noisy. And it’s dark in there right now because I don’t have my light put up yet. I don’t actually think I’ll need a lot of light since all the work will be done on the laptop anyway.

So that’s my fancy new studio! Okay, it’s not so fancy but it only cost me about 12 bucks including the light. I’ll give it a try and see how it goes.

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  1. I always kid you calling the basement your 'Batcave', now it seems as though you really do have someplace to 'hang'. :P

    Good job, Batman! :)