Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Garden Gatherings Day 2

what we boughtSo this is my first post about our adventures in gardening this season. Even though it’s my first post, this is day 2 because we really got started yesterday. At any rate, these are the things we bought at the mall’s garden center yesterday. I think we got about 10 things in all, some flowers, some vegetables, and a strawberry plant. As I mentioned before, the mall had a great selection and it was hard to only pick out a few, so we kind of stuck to the basics.

watering the gardenWhen we got home from Kearney yesterday, we took a few minutes to eat lunch and change clothes, then we headed straight out to the garden. Joni got to work on her flowerbeds around the house, while I started in on the garden. First I had to rake the leaves and branches off. It was a still day so I was able to go ahead and get that stuff burned. Then I got out my shovel and dug up the area I would need. Then I started planting. Here you see the finished product. The tomatoes, green peppers, jalapeno peppers, and strawberries are all in and getting their first drink.

back of houseAnd here’s the back side of the house. That big purple thing is one that Joni got at Walmart last week, and the two bushy green things are holly-hocks that we planted last year. Those hollyhocks never made any flowers last year. They stayed there all winter and now they are coming back strong. Hopefully they’ll flower this year.

front of houseAnd these are my favorites! These are a couple of different varieties of pansies that Joni put on the front side of the house. Okay, I admit it, I actually picked these out myself. Our foundation could really use some paint couldn’t it?

midnight glow pansyHere’s a close-up of one of the pansies, a Matrix Midnight Glow. Isn’t that the most beautiful thing?

Joni’s lilyAnd here is Joni’s favorite. This is a lily that Adam bought her for Mother’s Day. It’s called a Star-Gazer. Joni found a nice spot for it on the front side of the house, on the other side of the front steps from the pansies. Those gray weeds are called Dusty Millers apparently and Joni planted those there too.

So there it is. We have a pretty good start on our garden. I’m still debating on whether I want to do pumpkins again. Those were a lot of fun but it might be fun to try something else too. We still have some seeds that we want to plant, green peppers and hot peppers and sunflowers. We never had much luck with seeds last year but Joni thought we should try starting them in the little starter things that our plants came in. She got a bag of good potting mix so maybe that will do the trick. More later!

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