Thursday, October 22, 2009

Dream Diary - Seeing Again

Hi there folks. Boy, I’m posting like crazy this week aren’t I? It’s Thursday night, kinda late. I had actually gone to bed, but I was just laying there thinking about something and I had the feeling that I wouldn’t get any sleep until I wrote this down.

You see, I had the dream again last night. Wednesday night I mean. That dream. The one where I can see. Let me see if I can explain this…

I have never had a dream where I was blind. Not a single one. But occasionally I have dreams where I can see again. Does that make any sense? I’m talking about dreams in which I suddenly realize that I am not blind. I have had three or four of these in the last year.

The one I had last night was particularly strong. I was just going about my dreamy business as usual and suddenly I realized that I was not blind. I started looking around at everything in amazement. I wish I had written this down right away because I can’t really remember now exactly what I was looking at. I can’t exactly remember if I was in a familiar place or not, although I think I was not. I became so overjoyed at getting my sight back, that I began to cry, and I remember thinking “I have to stop crying so I don’t damage my eyes again.”

When I woke from the dream it was still night-time. I still have a little bit of light perception in my right eye so I can tell if there’s a light on in the room, or if the sun is shining in through the window. It was dark when I woke. I looked to my right where the night stand is. I have one of those clocks with the red digital numbers on it. I just had to look to make sure, you know. Nothing. That was not a happy moment.

Like I said, I’ve had dreams like this three or four times now; never exactly the same but similar. Waking from these is heart-breaking. And this one was so strong. Even though most of the details have faded, the power of the dream remains, even 24 hours later.

Anyway, I just wanted to get this in my blog before it slips my mind completely. Someday, when I get my sight back, it will be interesting to read back over these and see what was going through my mind during this time of my life. To my future self I would like to say this: “Check it out man, dream come true.


  1. It's funny because I always dream and you can see in my dreams. It is weird what our cognitive minds hold within them.
    Nice post you crazy blogger you!

  2. I've had these dreams too. Not in a long time, but a lot in the beginning.

    In all my dreams now, I'm blind, but I can see. Its the strangest thing. I'll run up to someone and be looking at them, but I'll have my cane and be telling them I'm blind. Its almost like my mind doesn't know how to dream in "blind". Like the truth is always there, the fact that I'm blind, but my brain doesn't know how to make a movie dream without vision. Very odd indeed.