Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Journal - Greetings from Omaha part 2

okay, I think i was talking about Sunday night. We went to bed at 9pm, knowing that we would have to get up at 3am monday morning. i was pretty tired but didn't really know if I would be able to sleep or not. I didn't. When i go to bed, i always have my headphones on so I can listen to an audiobook for a little bit. Before we left home I had loaded some DVS movies on my player so i started listening to one of those. Well, i got all the way through two movies and about half of a third before I started to feel sleepy. I'm not sure what time that was but I'm guessing about 1am. Anyway, the alarm went off at 3am and it was time to start the day.
As it turns out, the hospital is right across the road from us. It's a big place of course, and we had a little bit of trouble finding the right entrance, but not too much. We walked in at a little after 5am.
It didn't take long to check in because they already had all my information. From the waiting room, a nurse took me into a little room to draw blood, then back to the waiting room. It wasn't long before they were taking me back to a prep room.
Then things really started happening. I thought i might catch a little nap before surgery, but nothing doing. I don't know if I can remember everything they did, but let's see. I undressed and put on a gown first. They gave me some socks with rubbery grippy soles on them. I got my blood pressure and temperature taken. Another nurse came in to do an EKG where they stick little electrode thingies on your legs, arms, and chest and check the electrical activity in your body. That only took a couple of minutes. Another nurse came in and put some knee-high stockings on me. She said that was to help prevent blood clotting. I had nine drops put in my eye, three drops three times, five minutes apart. They put an IV in my left arm, this is how they administered the anasthesia. I also had an oxygen monitor on my index finger. Another nurse strapped some things around my lower legs, over the stockings. She said they were massagers to help my circulation. i never got to feel them though, they were never turned on while I was awake.
About 15 or 20 minutes before 7am, the doctor came in to see if I had any questions. Dr. Feilmeier has an excellent bedside manner. he's very confident and reassuring. I always feel like he really cares about me, which is what I always liked about Dr. Hargrave in dallas. A few minutes after he left, the anesthesiologist came in and talked to us for a minute. After that, the nurse anesthetist came in for a minute, that's the assistant anasthesiologist I think. Say that three times fast.
Before i knew it, it was 7 o'clock, and time to go. They put the anasthesia in my IV and started wheeling my bed to the operating room. He said I would start to feel light-headed and drowsy pretty soon, and I was waiting for that, but it never happened. They were still wheeling my bed when I fell asleep.
Well, I have to stop for now, it's almost time to leave for my follow-up with the doctor. I'll try to wrap this up this afternoon. See you then!

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